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Stumble Guys Maps offers diverse maps or levels that players can explore as they want to enjoy. Each map has different obstacles, for these obstetrical have to cross to advance to the next level.

Understanding Stumble Guys map design is essential for players who want to navigate the obstacle course skillfully and strategically. Each map presents its unique challenges, from treacherous platforms to spinning obstacles and everything in between. By analyzing individual maps and recognizing their properties and obstacles, players can develop effective strategies to give them an edge over their competitors.

The game offers various modes in maps, such as Battle Royale, Team Battle, and Racing, each with its own objectives and gameplay experience. The maps are the main reason to engage the players in the game for an extended period.

Stumble guys Maps

Stumble Guys Maps Tier List

Hot WheelsOn this Stumble Guys map, players will experience a unique racing mode where they have to compete with cars and cross the finish line to claim the ultimate reward.
Honey dropsThis survival round features tiles in a honeycomb shape that collapse underfoot.
Tile fallThe critical challenge is moving quickly and skillfully to the end before the tiles give way beneath your feet.
Space raceIn this round, players will experience lower gravity and traverse the galaxy by running and jumping between various points.
BombardmentThis map features an arena in the middle of the sea where players must survive while being bombarded until only one remains standing.
Under and OverThis stage challenges the players as they navigate through a series of horizontal and vertical bars that can knock them out if they’re not careful.
Icy heightsThis one of Stumble Guys maps is a marathon on an icy, slippery surface with various obstacles to cross.
Cannon climbPlayers must dodge cannon balls on this challenging map while climbing a steep mountain.
Lava rushPlayers will navigate a treacherous volcanic landscape filled with bubbling lava and fireballs raining down from above.
Spin go aroundPlayers will face a challenging map with various obstacles, including rotating hazards and massive balls that can knock them off course.
Snowy ScrapThis map takes place in a snowy environment and features obstacles like rotating snowmen and giant snowballs.
Humble StumblePlayers will face a challenging map with various obstacles, including rotating hazards and massive balls that can knock them off course.
Pivot Pushplayers will encounter additional challenges in this map of rotating doors and swinging hammers that can obstruct their path.
Laser TracerThis game map with a circular arena where players must avoid laser beams by jumping over them.
Jungle rollThis level occurs in a jungle environment, where the primary obstacles are rotating logs.
Block dashThis map is known for being the toughest in the game. It features stone blocks that slide across the arena and can knock players out if hit.
Floor FlipIn this map, players have to traverse rotating slide surfaces that can move in any direction based on the weight distribution on each side.
Rocket RumbleOn this map, there are multiple flag posts that players need to capture to earn points.
Paint SplashThis obstacle course includes paint rollers positioned at various points, aiming to knock you down and throw you back.
Lost TempleThis map is located in a desert temple, and it features obstacles such as poking spears, giant blocks, and rolling logs that can hinder your progress.
Super SlideThis map offers a unique experience, featuring a long water slide with additional obstacles such as bars and whirlpools.
Lava landThis arena is about survival, and players must avoid falling into the fiery river of lava and stay alive until the end.
Stumble SoccerOn this map, players must move three giant footballs toward the goalpost while simultaneously defending their goalpost.
Bot BashIn this round, players must stay alive in a circular field while dodging robots that slide and push them toward the edge.

Stumble Guys Map Name With Features

Stumble Guys has taken the gaming world by storm, stunning players with its engaging and uncomplicated gameplay maps and an array of constantly changing maps. Other games have followed suit as breakout hits, with Stumble Guys maps being one of the most well-received and beloved spinoffs. In the tournaments of stumble guys mod APK, you can select maps according to your choice.

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer party game where players compete in wacky obstacle courses. It’s all about outsmarting your opponents, avoiding traps, and reaching the finish line first! Excitement guaranteed!

Understanding map design in Stumble Guys is crucial for success. It determines obstacles, paths, and strategies to navigate each level effectively. Mastering the maps is key!

Stumble Guys Map Overview

Stumble Guy’s maps are diverse and challenging, with unique obstacles and properties. Let’s dive into how these maps are selected in the game and explore their design elements.

Explanation of the Different Stumble Guys Maps

Stumble Guys offers a variety of maps, each with unique challenges and obstacles. Understanding the different map designs is crucial for success in the game.

How Maps are Selected in the Game

In Stumble Guys, the selection of maps adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to each gameplay session. Each map is chosen randomly, keeping players on their toes and adding to the excitement!

Overview of the Map Design Elements

Map design elements in Stumble Guys include a variety of obstacles, platforms, and power-ups. These elements create dynamic and challenging gameplay that keeps players on their toes!

Categorized Map Analysis

Exploring the unique properties and obstacles in each Stumble Guys map and effective strategies to navigate through them. Mastering these maps is key to victory!

Exploration of Individual Map Designs

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of Stumble Guys map designs and explore the unique properties and obstacles that make each map a thrilling challenge.

  1. Introduction to the properties and obstacles in each map

When tackling the Stumble Guys maps, understanding the properties and obstacles in each one is crucial. Let’s dive right into what makes these maps so challenging!

  1. Strategies to navigate through each map effectively

When it comes to navigating through each Stumble Guys map, effective strategies are key. Mastering the timing of jumps, avoiding obstacles, and utilizing power-ups can greatly increase your chances of making it to the finish line! Keep pushing forward!

  1. Impact of Map Design on Gameplay

Discuss how map design affects player experience, level of difficulty, and strategies. Map design plays a crucial role in shaping the gameplay dynamics and adding excitement to Stumble Guys.

Discussion on How Map Design Affects Player Experience

Map design shapes the player experience, influences their strategies, and adds excitement to Stumble Guys gameplay. Let’s delve into how these intricately designed maps impact the thrill of the game!

Analyzing the Level of Difficulty in Different maps

Analyzing the difficulty level in different maps is crucial for mastering Stumble Guys. Each map presents unique challenges, pushing players to their limits and testing their skills.

How Map Design Influences Player Strategies

Map design plays a crucial role in shaping player strategies. From choosing the right path to anticipating obstacles, players must adapt their approach based on each map’s unique layout and challenges.

Community Insights And Feedback

Gathering insights and feedback from the Stumble Guys community provides valuable information on player experiences. Let’s dive into popular reactions and discussions surrounding specific maps!

Gathering Feedback From The Stumble Guys Community

Gathering feedback from the Stumble Guys community: Valuable insights and opinions shape the future of map design. Player suggestions fuel innovation, ensuring an engaging and dynamic gaming experience for all!

Discussion of Popular Community Reactions to Specific Maps

The community is abuzz with mixed reactions to specific Stumble Guys maps, sparking debates and discussions among players. From frustration to excitement, opinions vary widely on these challenging courses.

Map Updates and Future Designs

Map Updates and Future Designs: Stumble Guys keeps us on our toes with exciting new maps. What could they have in store for us next? The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what surprises await!

Overview of New Maps That Have Been Added

Stumble Guys has introduced exciting new maps that bring fresh challenges and endless entertainment. Let’s dive into the thrilling world of these recently added map designs!

Speculation on Potential Future Map Designs

Speculating on the future of Stumble Guys map designs is an exhilarating thought. Will we see more challenging obstacles? Exciting themes? The possibilities are endless! Let’s dive into our imaginations and anticipate what’s to come.

All Stumble Guys maps with map images are listed below:

What is the Hot Wheels Map

A new battle royale map from Stumble Guys has an obstacle course theme, and now famous toymaker Mattel’s Hot Wheels is entering the game. Players can jump during car driving and racing on the track while navigating the course’s obstacles.

Apart from adding Hot Wheels, the developer of Stumble Guys is making another update to the game’s custom parties. In these parties, players have complete control over their gameplay experience, from choosing the maps to play on to deciding the number of rounds in a game as per their choice.

What is the Honey Drops Map

Honey Drop is a unique survival match where players have to avoid falling by staying on honeycomb-shaped floor tiles that disappear after a player steps on them, leaving them to fall to the floor below.

The game ends when there are no more floors, and the last person standing wins. The key to winning is progressively establishing a route to clear tiles while avoiding other players and pitfalls. However, taking too long on the upper levels can leave you vulnerable to falling through the lower levels, which other players actively try to destroy.

The best strategy is to drop to the lower level early on and survive there while other players fight above, ensuring an easy win.

What is the Tile Fall Map

Tile Fall is an even more maddening map than Floor Flip. The objective is simple enough: get from the starting line to the finish line by crossing a chasm using only yellow tiles as bridges.

However, the catch is that some of these tiles are fake, and stepping on them means you will fall and be sent back to the starting line. As a result, players are often pushed to the front to scout out a safe path for the group, leading to a chaotic scramble.

To survive Tile Fall, avoiding being at the front of the pack is best, as you are more likely to get pushed off. Sticking to the middle of the group will allow you to finish while the players ahead of you are busy pushing and falling.

What is the Skyline Stumble Map

Skyline Stumble is a thrilling Stumble Guys map that starts with a challenging jumping section across the platforms while globes are shot at you from down. Fortunately, there are checkpoints between the low-gravity points to help you.

The next challenge consists of two separate paths in the middle, constantly skimming back and forth, blocking one track simultaneously. Across both ways, some buttons attack outward, leading toward the other path, which players can use.

Both tracks are identical, so it’s up to the player to decide which one to take. Near the finish line of the round, a Light is found on both tacks, which rolls up and down consistently. Skyline The Stumble Guys map is a fun and exciting map that tests players’ timing and decision-making skills.

What is the Space Race Map

Get ready for an out-of-this-best obstacle ap in space! The main features of a series of intricate, lengthy jumps that is very difficult to do under normal circumstances.

Luckily, the lower gravity in space allows players to jump higher and farther, making these seemingly impossible jumps more achievable with precise timing and well-timed dives.

To successfully navigate this round and practice like any other obstacle course. Since you’ll be jumping high, it can take time to determine where you’ll land, resulting in avoiding falling. Regardless, you can aim and time your jumps more effectively, using your shadow to guide you, leading you to the finish line.

What is the Bombardment Map

Bombardment is a survival map with a simple yet thrilling objective. Players are placed on a small island, which is made up of rafts, while a pirate ship sails around it, firing explosive cannonballs. The players must avoid these explosions and fall into the water, which results in instant disqualification.

To survive, players must navigate the island while avoiding the other players, who often push each other to escape the blasts. The map doesn’t offer many tips or tricks, but staying clear of other players is an excellent strategy to ensure survival.

Bombardment is a fast-paced and exciting map requiring quick reflexes and keen awareness to emerge victorious.

What is the Under and Over Map

Stumble Guys has a simple obstacle course called “Bars and Blocks,” Players must avoid horizontal and vertical bars to reach the finish line as fast as possible. As the name suggests, the most prevalent obstacles are flat bars, which players can jump over or run under if they wait for them to move up.

To improve your chances of winning this map, practice is vital. However, better controls can give you a significant advantage, especially when compared to touchscreen controls. To take your Stumble Guys gameplay to the next level, you can play the game on PC with BlueStacks.

Our Android app player offers customizable controls and other helpful features you won’t find in the Steam version or other platforms. Give it a try and see how much smoother your gameplay becomes!

What is the Icy Heights Map

Get ready to slip and slide your way through the icy terrain of this obstacle course! In Slippery Slopes, the challenge lies not in the layout of the obstacles but rather in the constant slipping and sliding caused by the icy surface. On top of that, you’ll have to navigate around other players who are constantly bumping into you, making it even more difficult to time your jumps and avoid falling off the stage.

In this map, practice is vital. But having precise controls can also give you an advantage over other players, especially if you’re playing on a mobile device with touchscreen controls. That’s where BlueStacks comes in! With BlueStacks, you can use your mouse and keyboard to control your character, making navigating the slippery terrain easier and avoiding those pesky obstacles. BlueStacks has various features that can help improve your gaming experience so that you can dominate Slippery Slopes and any other map in Stumble Guys!

What is the Cannon Climb Map?

This obstacle course is a nod to the classics, with spinning hammers and bumpers as the primary obstacles. However, what sets it apart from other courses is the mounted cannons positioned throughout the stage.

These cannons fireballs that roll downwards, striking and pushing anyone they hit. The goal, as always, is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. One helpful tip to remember is that some hammers can propel you forward if you allow them to hit you at the right angle.

While this can sometimes cause you to lose progress, it can also turn the tide in a match that seems lost. And if you’re looking for an extra edge, consider using BlueStacks to play the game on your PC, as it allows for customizable controls and other useful features that can improve your performance.

What is the Lava Rush Map?

Get ready to face a fiery challenge in this obstacle course map, where you have to dodge lava, fireballs, and other hazardous obstacles. Unlike heights, you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding, but the obstacles here are equally dangerous.

The middle section of the map is especially tricky, where a spinning log is surrounded by rising and falling lava. Timing and patience are crucial to avoid getting burned or falling into the lava. You can conquer this obstacle course and emerge victorious with practice and perseverance.

What is the Spin go Around Map?

Spin go Around is a Stumble Guys map that lives up to its name with many spinning hazards and obstacles that players must expertly navigate. Players must have good platforming and jumping skills to succeed in this obstacle map.

They must be able to anticipate the movements of the spinning obstacles to avoid them effectively. Although the challenges themselves are not too difficult to dodge, the fast-paced nature of the stage requires quick reflexes and precise movements. Despite the obstacles, Spin-Off remains one of the more accessible and detailed maps in Stumble Guys.

What is the Humble Stumble Map?

This obstacle course is relatively straightforward, featuring a few jump pads and moving obstacles that you must navigate to reach the finish line. As with most maps of this kind, falling means being sent back to the starting point.

Generally, this stage is relatively easy and standard, without significant standout features. While it may not be the most challenging stage, it can still be an excellent opportunity to practice your basic platforming skills and improve your overall performance in Stumble Guys maps.

What is the Pivot Push Map?

This particular obstacle map is called “Pivot Plunder,” It features several pivoting obstacles that players must maneuver to open a path forward.

These obstacles can be tricky to navigate, especially when other players are also trying to push them in different directions. However, you can get past them with little trouble with patience and coordination.

Once you do, the rest of the course is straightforward, mainly of swinging hammers and other standard obstacles. While Pivot Plunder may not be the most challenging map, it’s still a lot of fun to play and can help you hone your skills for more complicated stages.

What is the Laser Tracer Map?

In this map survival stage, players face the daunting task of navigating through a circular arena while avoiding deadly lasers that regularly sweep by in different formations.

The difficulty level increases as time passes, with the laser formations becoming faster and more complex, testing the limits of even the most experienced players.

However, you can survive indefinitely with practice and careful timing. This stage is perfect for those looking for a challenge and the opportunity to hone their jumping skills. So, keep your cool, stay alert, and jump to survive!

What is the Jungle Roll Map?

This map is aptly named due to the main obstacles players face in the form of enormous rotating diaries that comprise most of its stature. These rotating logs reveal a combination of embedded obstacles players must avoid while running across their constantly spinning surfaces.

Dropping off the records is a constant threat, and players must also jump over pits to keep moving forward. A helpful tip to remember is to try jumping sideways rather than diagonally forward, particularly when jumping over the cracks of the logs.

Many players fall victim to the enticement of jumping diagonally, losing time and progress in the process. The critical point to winning is steady advancement and bypassing the temptation to take unnecessary risks.

What is the Block Dash Map?

This particular stage is known to be one of the most difficult in the game, and it is a survival challenge where the aim is to stay alive for as long as possible.

The stage comprises a large platform, with blocks sliding across the arena in formations from the northern end, sweeping everything in their path. To survive, players must find the lowest spots on the block formations and jump over them as they pass by. However, some formations may have no openings, and players must jump and dive at the visibly cracked blocks to break them and pass through.

This requires great precision and timing, and hitting the cracked blocks accurately is crucial to avoid being knocked down. It is important to note that when the blocks hit players, they do not knock them down, so players can still jump and maneuver while dragging. Remaining calm and timing jumps carefully are essential to surviving this challenging stage.

What is the Floor Flip Map?

This obstacle course is not for the faint of heart, as navigating can be difficult and frustrating. The stage consists of rotating platforms that tilt in different directions depending on the number of players standing on each side.

If too many players gather on one side, the platform will tip over and send everyone tumbling down. Therefore, the key to success is to move strategically and avoid overcrowding on any one platform. While there are other obstacles to overcome, it’s the flipping platforms that prove to be the biggest challenge.

You’ll need to carefully time your jumps and work with your fellow players to ensure the platforms are tilted in the right direction. If you need help getting everyone on the same page, please strike out independently and find a different path. Just keep an eye on the clock, as time is always of the essence in this game.

What is the Rocket Rumble Map?

This map adds an exciting twist to the game by replacing the jump function with a bazooka that shoots rockets. The objective is to control as many flag posts as possible to score points for your team.

The challenge lies in aiming, shooting, and dodging projectiles while navigating the hallways and platforms. It’s a team-based game, so working together is vital to victory. While defending one strategic post can be effective, staying flexible and adapting to changing situations is essential.

This map has a high skill ceiling; mastering it requires individual skill and teamwork. So, gather your team, strategize, and aim for victory!

What is the Paint Splash Map?

Named after the paint roller hazards that pose a significant challenge and can knock you down, the aptly-named obstacle course is more accessible than some other stages. With no complex jumps or maneuvers required, all you need to do is take your time to avoid the paint rollers and focus on landing your jumps between the obstacles. It will lead you straight to the finish line.

While the stage may seem simple, superior controls such as BlueStacks can provide you with increased accuracy and comfort, making it easier to navigate the course. We highly recommend making the most of this stage and pushing yourself to new heights.

What is the Lost Temple Map?

Get ready to put your skills to the test with this temple-themed gauntlet! This course will challenge even the most skilled players with obstacles such as moving logs, poking harpoons, and big blocks that can force you to opposite sides. And, of course, a temple-themed system would only be complete with massive rolling boulders that can knock anyone down if they’re not careful.

After navigating the initial obstacles, you’ll face a relatively straightforward path:

  • Climb a ramp while bouncing over rolling diaries.
  • Run through a narrow passage.
  • Finally, prevent the rolling using technique and reach to finish line.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you – this map is always a fun challenge, even if you don’t win. With improved accuracy and comfort, you’ll be able to easily overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently, making it to the finish line. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and see how far you can go!

What is the Super Slide Map?

We love this obstacle map, as it’s a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll be sliding down a long water slide at an incredible speed, with only horizontal bars and whirlpools standing in your way.

Towards the end of the slide, you’ll have to navigate through some moving vertical bars, or risk losing all your momentum and making the final jump to the goal much harder.

While the course is already a blast to play, there’s an additional challenge that you can take on if you’re feeling up to it. By jumping off the sides of the turns, you can gain even more speed and shave valuable seconds off your time. This takes some practice, but it’s worth it if you want to take your gameplay to the next level.

But that’s not all – mastering this course with the help of BlueStacks can take your performance to the next level. With our advanced controls, you’ll have improved accuracy and comfort, allowing you to make those jumps and avoid whirlpools easily. Give it a try and see how quickly you can make it to the finish line!

What is the Lava Land Map?

This challenge is one of the more recent additions to the game and shares the same theme as the previous entry on this list.

The objective of this stage is simple: survive for as long as possible in an arena suspended over a river of molten lava. Players must avoid falling into the lava by navigating a series of hexagonal platforms that rise and sink continuously. Running and jumping between platforms is the only way to stay alive in this precarious situation.

As expected, timing and precision are crucial to succeed in this stage. It’s essential to have a good understanding of the platform’s movements to plan your next move carefully. You can outlast your opponents and emerge victorious with practice and quick reflexes.

What is the Stumble Soccer Map?

Finally, we have another team-based game, which is not soccer! However, this game is different from the conventional one. You’ll have to battle for control over three balls simultaneously while protecting your goalposts and scoring goals for your team. It’s essential to choose either an attacker or defender role and stick with it, as it enables you to concentrate your efforts on a specific task.

If you’re attacking, you can jump and lunge at the balls to propel them toward the opposing team’s goals and attempt to score. On the other hand, if you’re defending, you can stay near your goal and do the same, but without overextending yourself, so you can continue defending while your team tries to score.

While having full communication with your team could significantly improve your chances of winning, the chaos and lack of coordination are part and parcel of Stumble Guys, and that’s what makes it more fun!

What is the Bot Bash Map?

In the Bot Bash map, contestants are pitted against robotic opponents that relentlessly slide around the arena, pushing any players that come into contact with them. Each robot moves at a different pace, with blue being the slowest, yellow in the middle, and red the fastest. The objective is to remain on the stage while dodging the robots, which become increasingly aggressive as the round advances.

The high-pressure paint jets will begin to spray from the center of the arena, in up to three directions at once, after a while. Even slight contact with the jets will send you flying, so avoiding them is imperative.

That concludes our Stumble Guys maps list. We hope that the information we provided in this article will assist you in winning all your matches and securing as many victories as possible!

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